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Latest News:

20/06/2011 – Droidseer V2 is now available for download on the Android Market. If you have already purchased DroidSeer you should see an update available. Please note that due to many changes in the backend database you will need to re-enter your devices (Sorry!).

I will update this website soon to something a bit better but for now here are the links you will need:

DroidSeer 2.0 Userguide

DroidSeer 2.0 Android.aspx Script (Right Click and Save Target As)


08/06/11 - Sorry about the lack of updates recently but work took over my life for a while and gave me no time to work on my own projects. Development is back underway and I hope to release a new version onto the market in the near future. The new version has been completely re-written and is much more stable. It also has support for status only devices (I am using this to display a thermostat temperature), Also customisable background pictures.

13/09/10 - If you are trying to use Homeseer HS2 and cannot get droidseer to work then please download the updated script which can be found HERE. Download this file and then extract the contents. Copy the android.aspx script into the html folder within your HomeSeer Install Folder.

19/04/10 - I've been really short of time recently so have only just got back to spending some decent amount of time with version 2. It is still in progress though so watch this space!!.

14/12/09 - Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I am currently working on Version 2.0 which should tidy up a lot of bugs etc and also have some new features for you to play around with :).

1/12/09 - Retail Version now released on the Android Market for £7.50GBP. Please Un-Install the Beta Version if you have it on your phone before purcasing the full version.


What is it?

DroidSeer is a Remote Control for the popular Homeseer Home Automation program. Droidseer should run on all Android powered devices but currently has been tested with the HTC Dream (T-mobile G1), Motorola Droid and the HTC Hero (G2 Touch). I have tested Droidseer with the latest version of Homeseer but it should work with previous versions as long as you have the webserver enabled within Homeseer.

It allows you to set up a freindly, easy to navigate remote control that can change the status of any X10, Z-Wave or Elk M1 compatible device or trigger any Homeseer Event.


Where do I get it?

DroidSeer is now available on the Android Market for £7.50GBP. This price includes all future upgrades and this application is in active developement.

To get DroidSeer working you will need the following components:

DroidSeer Application - This is now available on the Android Market and is a Time Limited Beta. The beta will expire on December 10th so you have plenty of time do do some testing.

DroidSeer PC Installer - This is an MSI file which you run on the computer that Homeseer resides on. This will install the script file which DroidSeer uses. The download for this can be found at the bottom of the page.

DroidSeer User Manual - I have written an easy to understand User Guide on how to setup DroidSeer for the first time and gives you examples of the sorts of things you can do. Again this can be found at the bottom of this page.

HomeSeer - You will also need a copy of HomeSeer for your PC. So far DroidSeer has been tested on Versions 1.5 and above but it should work with any version.


What does it look like?

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File Downloads

DroidSeer PC Installer V1.3

DroidSeer User Manual (PDF Format)